Employee survey

Employee survey

IC-Potential has conducted employee surveys with market-leading companies and organizations for almost 25 years. Our focus is on identifying development needs and the goal is to streamline your business and create good conditions for developing the staff to prosperous, committed and customer-oriented employees.

Our standard survey is continuously updated and in line with the latest research and prevailing legislation. Based on the standard survey, we design a questionnaire that suits your business. We offer a more traditional, extensive employee survey to capture several areas and aspects, but also regular and shorter temperature surveys.

Unique method

IC Potential offers a three-dimensional method, the Gap method. We analyze the difference between the importance of a question and how well it is fulfilled. The greater the gap between "importance" and "well", the greater the need for improvement. Of course, we also offer the classic one-dimensional measurement methodology.

Analysis of the result

In our proprietary analysis software HumanPotential™, you can analyze the results in a comprehensive or detailed way, and you can generate PowerPoint reports at company, department and managerial level. With HumanPotential™ you get a good overview of the attitudes and driving forces of the employees, and can identify different employee profiles, such as which groups are planning to leave the organization or what motivates or stresses the employees.
IC-Potential's analysts can conduct a deep dive analysis of the results. We connect the dots, make correlation analyzes and compare the results with our benchmarking index. The survey results are presented with tailor-made analyzes and recommended focus areas for the continued work.

Support in the follow-up work

Upon completion of the survey, IC-Potential can help you get started with the follow-up work. ChangePotential™ offers support functions for both managers and HR, which increases the likelihood that the organization will reach its goal with the improvements.

Employee survey - Analysis software


During the demo, you will have the opportunity to test the analysis tool and its functions, create finished department reports with the push of a button and familiarize yourself with our analysis method. You will get access to a fictitious survey in our system and will be guided by one of our project managers over the phone.

We will contact you within 7 days. Please leave a message in the box if you would like an offer or if you want us to call at a specific time for a short demo.

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