Other surveys

Onboarding survey

The purpose of the survey is to optimize the introduction of new employment. OnboardingPotential™ helps you see the gaps between new employees' expectations on the onboarding process and how well the organization meets them. Studies show that a wrong recruitment costs on average SEK 700,000 and that, as a new employee, you have already formed an idea of ​​the company after 10 days. A well-functioning onboarding process can lead to lower staff turnover as well as increased motivation, loyalty and improved performance among employees.

Exit survey

The exit survey is for employees who have terminated their employment. ExitPotential™ gives your organization a better understanding of why employees choose to quit, what image of the organization they carry with them and what you need to improve in order to retain competent employees. The result provides a basis for reducing costs and personnel turnover.

Leadership survey

In LeadershipPotential™ employees can evaluate their immediate manager based on different leadership qualities, such as the ability to drive and develop the business, prevent ill-health and encourage participation. The purpose of the leadership survey is to identify areas of improvement that can contribute to higher involvement, development and productivity.

Brand survey

How are you perceived by your customers? IC-Potential's brand survey helps you better understand how you and your brand are perceived by others. Which core values ​​do you want to communicate? Do they agree with the audience's opinion? A brand survey is a good complement to a customer survey. We are happy to meet and listen to who you are today and how you want to be perceived in the future.

During the demo, you will have the opportunity to test the analysis tool and its functions, create finished department reports with the push of a button and familiarize yourself with our analysis method. You will get access to a fictitious survey in our system and will be guided by one of our project managers over the phone.

We will contact you within 7 days. Please leave a message in the box if you would like an offer or if you want us to call at a specific time for a short demo.

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