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The Team
"A close collaboration, a strong commitment, and a passion for continuous improvement is a part of our everyday life at IC-Potential. Encouraging ideas and daring to question traditional solutions to find better alternatives has been an important source of inspiration for me. After almost 30 years in the research industry, I still believe that every organization can be developed by providing the right conditions and confidence in their employees."

Marcos founded IC-Potential in 2000 and holds a MSc degree in Marketing and Economics from Stockholm University.
Marcos Jorge
Founder, CEO and Sales

“I value the variety and freedom of the job. At IC-Potential we are like a family and we care about each other and our customers. In a small organization every customer becomes important, I really I appreciate that!”

Maria holds a degree in Human Resources as well as in Economics from Stockholm University and has worked at IC-Potential since 2011, first as an analyst and administrator and since 2013 as project manager.
Maria Sandgren Dsilna
Project Manager

"We are a small and customer-oriented organization where it becomes natural to build relationships with our customers, follow their development and support them in many different ways, much more than just providing a software. It is also a very varied and challenging job , where product development, customer projects and workshops are alternated - a stimulating combination that has made me choose to stay at the same company ever since my studies."

Michael has studied HR management at Uppsala University and has worked at IC Potential since 2014. First as an analyst, and since 2018 as a project manager.
Michael Sandgren
Project Manager

"When I studied Creative Writing we talked a lot about the creative process. That creativity is not something that some are born with and some not, but that different tools and strategies can be used to increase the creativity. We were also taught that the right environment is important in the creative process. A supportive and prestigeless atmosphere is an important part of a creative environment. This is a good description of the atmosphere at IC-Potential which is one of the reasons why I enjoy working here."

Peter has studied computer science at Royal Institute of Technology and started working as IT Manager at IC-Potential in 2018. Before the studies at KTH, Peter studied Creative Writing at Södertörn University and two years writing studies at the Folk high school of Jakobsberg.
Peter Skeppstedt
IT Manager

Håkan is a civil engineer from Uppsala University and has been working at IC-Potential for several periods since the start in 2000.
Håkan Djärv
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