About Us
The Team
Marcos founded IC-Potential in 2000 and holds a MSc degree in Marketing and Economics from Stockholm University.
Marcos Jorge
Founder, CEO and Sales

Maria holds a degree in Human Resources as well as in Economics from Stockholm University and has worked at IC-Potential since 2011, first as an analyst and administrator and since 2013 as project manager.
Maria Sandgren Dsilna
Project Manager

Therese has studied HR management at Stockholm University and is also a professional dancer with a degree from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She started working at IC-Potential in 2015, first as an analyst and since 2016 as a project manager.
Therese Fernström
Project Manager

Michael has studied HR management at Uppsala University and has worked at IC Potential since 2014. First as an analyst, and since 2018 as a project manager.
Michael Sandgren
Project Manager

Niklas has studied HR management at Uppsala University and started working as an administrator at IC-Potential in 2018.
Niklas Hammarsten

Peter has studied computer science at Royal Institute of Technology and started working as IT Manager at IC-Potential in 2018.
Peter Skeppstedt
IT Manager

Håkan is a civil engineer from Uppsala University and has been working at IC-Potential for several periods since the start in 2000.
Håkan Djärv
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