IC-Potential receives the highest customer ratings

In IC-Potential's latest customer survey, the analysis company receives the highest ratings ever. 100% has given us a grade of 5 and is "Very satisfied" with the company as a supplier *. IC-Potential also received an NPS value of + 90 **.

IC-Potential conducted a customer survey in October 2021 with existing customers who collaborated with the company during the past year. 50% of the customers responded and the survey results are the best since IC-Potential started its operations about 22 years ago. 100% of the customers have given us a rating of 5 and are "Very satisfied" with the company as supplier. IC-Potential received an NPS value of +90.

- I feel great pride and joy for our enterprising colleagues who constantly see areas we can develop. Continuous improvement arouses commitment, creates a willingness to cooperate and is a source of inspiration in the organization. We will never be better than our last delivery, but sometimes it is good to stop the clock and together rejoice in the success, says Marcos Jorge, CEO of IC-Potential.


*Satisfaction question: Overall, how satisfied are you with IC-Potential as a supplier? With answers ranging from “1 - Very dissatisfied" to “5 - Very satisfied".
**NPS question: On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is very unlikely and 10 is very likely: How likely are you to recommend IC-Potential to a friend or colleague? The NPS value is calculated by taking the percentage that answered 9-10, minus the percentage that answered 0-6. NPS can assume a value between -100 and +100.


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