IC-Potential releases a new software to help new hires to become more productive and motivated

The Swedish analysis and software company IC-Potential has now released the new software OnboardingPotential ™. The survey, and the software will help you improve the onboarding process and thereby reduce staff turnover and increase productivity, commitment, and motivation for new hires.

The onboarding process takes about a year and it is one of the most important parts for a successful employment. A successful onboarding process can lead to more motivated employees, higher loyalty, reduced stress, and lower staff turnover. Studies show that companies that have a well-structured onboarding process on average can retain 91 % of new employees, says Marcos Jorge, founder and CEO of IC-Potential AB.

Summary news for OnboardingPotential ™:
  • Immediately after completing the onboarding survey, the software can systematize and visualize the most important parts of the organization's onboarding process.
  • The software's user-friendly interface clearly shows the gaps between new employee expectations and how well the organization lives up to them.
  • HR can make tailor-made reports showing which groups experience large gaps and which parts of your onboarding that needs to be improved first and foremost.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­For more information contact:
Marcos Jorge, CEO of IC-Potential AB, +46 708-660 360

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