Softronic has signed an agreement with the analysis and software company IC-Potential

The listed IT and management company, Softronic, has signed an agreement with the analysis and software company IC-Potential. The collaboration includes delivery of employee surveys, analysis systems and report module. The assignment concerns the implementation of an employee survey for all Softronic employees.

Softronic has chosen IC-Potential's concept for employee surveys with the analysis software HumanPotential™ with the pedagogical and 3 dimensional gap methodology. The software generates executive reports with priority lists, action plan guides, and support for effective business development. The follow-up tool ChangePotential™ provides managers and HR with support for streamlining the follow-up work after a completed employee survey.

– IC-Potential's clear gap methodology shows what the employees think is important and how well our organization manages to meet these issues. The gap methodology gives us a better understanding of what we should prioritize in our development work. With user-friendly analysis systems, report modules and follow-up systems, our managers and employees receive pedagogical support to work effectively with the results from the employee survey, says Theres Hesselgren Zaar, Talent Manager at Softronic.

– Softronic has clear, ambitious and long-term sustainability goals. It feels inspiring that we get to be a part of that development. The gap method makes it easier to understand employees' driving forces, priorities and development needs. Our concept provides clear guidance for creating a strong organization that works strategically for diversity and equal opportunities. This is a basic prerequisite for developing attractive, productive and innovative workplaces, says Marcos Jorge, CEO.

For more information contact:
Theres Hesselgren Zaar, Talent Manager på Softronic,
Marcos Jorge, CEO of IC-Potential AB,

Briefly about Softronic AB
Softronic works with what we call Goodtech - technology that does good in society. We offer innovative digital solutions that help companies and organizations create real societal benefits. Softronic's services in IT and management range from consulting and new development to management and operations. The customers are mainly medium-sized and larger companies and organizations in Sweden. Softronic, which was founded in 1984, is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nasdaq OMX, and has approximately 430 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Sundsvall and Arjeplog.
Briefly about IC-Potential AB
IC-Potential conducts customer and employee surveys and offers IT support throughout the entire process. From the implementation of the survey, through analysis in our web-based tools and tailored reports, to digitally following how managers work with their development work. Our working model clarifies customer development needs, activates their organization in change work and supports improvement work in the right direction. IC-Potential cooperates with listed companies and smaller niche companies on a Swedish and international basis. Read more about IC-Potential at
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