IC-Potential launches AI analysis of free text questions in local languages

IC-Potential launches AI analysis of free text questions. We can offer quick summary of free text responses in local languages ​​in all our customer and employee surveys. We are releasing two functions that make it easier and faster to get an overview.

1. Top list with the most representative quotes

When we have carried out large customer and employee surveys, it has previously been difficult to get an overview of large volumes of free text responses and also very time-consuming to analyze. Now with our new AI functions, we can quickly provide a clear overview of the most representative quotes for each open question, see image below.

2. Visualization of common words

WordCloud visualizes the most frequent words in the free text answers. A simple method for quickly getting an overview and being able to identify common opinions that occur to a greater degree among the answers. With the help of our WordCloud analysis, it becomes easier to make user-friendly and stylish presentations of open answers.

You are welcome to demo test one of the market's most powerful analysis and reporting systems that measure data in three dimensions in a sharp environment!


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